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Monday, May 2, 2016

Groovy Flower Pot #3

​In the process of uploading the entire series of a dozen (maybe more -- I forget :-). Dividing up the paper  -- Arches 140 lb cold pressed -- into equal sections and pretty much painting them all at the same time. I find this way I don't get hung up on getting one "just right". I love bright colors (because well, I have trouble seeing close shades) I also enjoy getting a feeling of 3 dimensions. I waste less paint this way too. This is acrylic, 6 x 18 inches, unframed with collage, on 140 cold pressed Arches paper that's gessoed and primed before any painting begins. 

Each picture seems to have a "sweet spot" for pasting in black and white collage pieces. I make those up in a draw program or just Photoshop and print them out on the home printer in B and W. Keeping a true black in the picture also ensures a range of tones. Without a true black the picture can get a little weak. Need that contrast :-) Anyway, see the previous couple blogs for more notes on these. (ie the "Groovy Flower Pot series".) Till next time! 

Groovy Flower Pot #3
6 x 18 inches

And here's what's coming: the "Disco Dancer Series". I love figure drawing and the same way the Groovy Flower Pot series was painted, I painted these. Here's a preview. PS these are all 6 x 9 inches and I'm testing out an new color scheme. (I stumbled on the green and for me, it really worked. ) 

Preview of "Disco Dancers"

Again, these are marked "Not For Sale", but that's temporary until I get the software setup....right now I'd rather just paint :-).