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Monday, August 14, 2017

Addendum to Addendum

Uploading the next in the series...short blurb: what grabs me here is the initial bottle outline: see if you can't see the dioxazine purple / black outline of the bottle. Basically just a rough silhouette. After that was laid down (and this over the pencil -- ha! if I even did a pencil outline!) Quite frankly I think just laid down the paint silhouette on this batch and painted in the other colors from there.

And just for fun, see if you cant see little blazes of orange undercoat coming through the mostly dominant blue of this painting.

Anyway, here's wine bottle # 6 from 21 July ( sealed in UV proof acrylic varnish) , which gives these acrylics a oil paint sheen. Talk soon! Observe: 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Addendum to yesterday's post

1) I couldn't get the dang picture to show up right side up yesterday. Actually I painted it  laying on my side. Amazing how the paints didn't run. Amazing. Cheers for Golden paints! :-) 

2) This was posted this AM at daily paintworks )

Most all these paintings will be for sale (as long as they're not already sold)  as SOON as I figure out how to use the buying function. Cheers! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Painting in Batches

August 10 2017 - Painting in Batches

OK! Its been so long! Two years+ of more interruptions than you can shake a wet brush at. BUT, I'm back. #!$%#$%. Sorry about the verbiage. Here's the program:  Batch painting. 

Recipe: Divide up an 18 by 24 inch Arches cold pressed 140 # sheet of watercolor paper in to 6 x 9 sections. Makes 8 paintings (that's cart before makes eight 6x9 rectangles). But before you divide it up, drop on a large pool of white gesso. Take a cardboard with a strong edge, butter knife that glob of gesso all over the paper. Forget about making it even. The more texture, the better. (See Bob Burridge for mastering this :-)

THEN toss down in this case Golden pyrrole Orange ( as in pyro, as in pyromaniac), or any color you like as an undercoating. Take a wet handiwipe crumpled up, and spread that beautiful orange all over.

Let dry. Pencil in bottle outlines, a horizon line or table edge. Pick your color scheme. Pick the direction of your light, accentuate the shadow areas. loosely lay down basic colors shapes, ( shadows highlights). Let dry. Repeat. 

In this second layer of painting  (and in the first for that matter) remember: your paint brush has two painting ends. You can gouge awesome little spontaneous marks  / scratches into your paper: what will show through is that awesome orange or any other color you but down first. Sweet. let it dry. 

Go play your guitar, piano, go for a walk, eat...return and let it strike you what these 8 individual paintings need: apply it. Seems close to finishing? Stop. Consider it done. Time for the next 8. That's one branch of the program here  folks :-) Here's what you get: 

acrylic bottles