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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Painting #3: Smoky Farm Fields, and 2 Cool Techniques

Smoky Farm Fields

Smoky Farm Fields. Watercolor and gouache with Derwent water 
soluble pencil, charcoal pencil. Painted on Arches 140 lb cold 
press paper, 12 and 1/8 x 16 and 1/8 inch. There is a 3/4 inch white border 
around the entire page. 

Fun parts of painting this: using another fantastic John Lovett 
technique of using an old fashioned dip fountain pen, loaded with 
burnt sienna ink, then before it drys using a fine water spray and
watching it just do whatever it wants in the most amazing ways. 
Works especially well for getting that old weathered look on walls,
buildings and boats. 

But of course the obvious center stage trick
here is the blue snow blasts or rain blasts or leaves, I still can't
figure out what they are -- I just love the effect. 

How to do it? 

Mix a tiny bit of ultramarine blue or phthalo blue  in either gouache 
or gesso, add enough water then let the drops fly on your paper
by carefully aiming on (or not) where you might like them. You 
can then tease them around with a rough old glue brush, or 
spray water directly at a part of them or around and let water
and time do the rest. Awesome technique. Thank you 
John Lovett!

What? Two Blogs in one day? I'm getting manic :-)

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