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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Groovy Flower Pot #2

Groovy Flower Pot #2

Quick note again: All these paintings WILL be for sale as soon as I get this software / Paypal set up and mastered - and of course a battery of paintings up :-) 

I actually am doing these in a series: start with 18 x 24 inch Arches #140 lb cold pressed water color paper, gesso it, let it dry. Once dry slap on and loosely spread Pyrrole orange. let dry. Divide paper evenly into 4 parts vertically (narrow and tall). Loosely paint an outline usually in white gesso, layer on small collage pieces. Follow a working color combination, work all 4 paintings at a time ( in fact I had two sheets of arches with 4 paintings each going at at time here). THEN, negative paint until we got a ...Groovy Flower Pot :-)

I follow the Burridge motto of "try to make something I've never seem before". So even though they're all similar, they'll all be very you'll see if you're following here. My favorite part of doing this painting is throwing on the watered down gesso at the very end. (final layer.)

Also must say even though these are loose, it's not at the expense of relying on developed drawing skills: look at the imagined vanishing point both at the ellipse at the top and at the base. (speaking of drawing, you might pick up some skills ay another of my websites here: )

till next time! 



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