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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Farmers Market

Old trucks! Everyone paints em :-) Wanted to take it out of the typical sunk-in-the-mud-off-in-the-field setting. Give it a Joe Sbukvic styled cityscape where you tip the paper up as you let the background pigment flow down the paper taking it's own pathway down. Add a few marks that might pass for balconies, a little white gesso that might pass for windows ands spread a little more interest into the upper right side of the picture. For me it was my first attempt at this type of background: and it really works! And it wasn't that hard. Very gratifying. Will incorporate this more.

And like the other postings, this WILL be for sale soon! Again, as will all the other paintings you see in this blog. I finally spent the time to get the Pay-pal stuff working....and I think it is :-) 

I'll be getting much more consistent in getting paintings up. Just watch ;-) 



Farmers Market

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