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Monday, June 27, 2016

Outback 1 and 2 

​Getting a feel for the  grab bag of John Lovett's techniques, really trying to carry the eye up to the focus with light washes, scratchy charcoal lines with ink coming together with the strongest contrast between lights and darks and between complementary colors. Suggestions only of ravines, fences, sagebrush, keep the imagination engaged. The flat blue gouache of the sky nicely sets off the orange and red roofs. And promotes a little of that dry, desert feeling of the Australian outback.

I tried a white roof in the Outback 2 to connect a little more of the lower part of the picture whiteness with the upper, and with a small rectangle of white gesso as well: keeps the imagination guessing what this might be. Proportion is minimized in both paintings. (The blue margin of the sky and the lower left hand shadow  in outback 2 is somewhat distorted by the photographic technique - the lower left corner is actually very white in Outback 2.) Dimensions listed are of the outer edge of the Arches 140 cold pressed paper. 

Again, to those who might be interested, these WILL be FOR SALE very soon :-) 

Outback 1 

Outback 2

See ya'll soon!

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